SOMEONE HAS TO SAY THE TRUTH: The Plight of Pakistani Christians

Please read my commentary on my companion blog, Someone has to say the truth… regarding the abandonment of Pakistani Christians, by the United Nations.

It’s time to lift the fog… someone has to say the truth
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KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE BALL: An Urgent Message from Marielena Montesino de Stuart

Our country has descended into a socialist abyss of immorality which is destroying society from every angle. This dangerous descent is rooted in laws which go against our basic humanity– by supporting the murder of babies through abortion and through the abandonment of marriage between one man and one woman as the only natural union for the continuation of humanity. What follows from the aforementioned chaos is complete economic disorder and confusion– because the basic foundations of a healthy society, traditional marriage and value for human life are missing.

One example of this chaos is the much-discussed crisis in our Social Security system. Yet, American legislators choose to omit from their discourse one fundamental truth: we have lost millions of contributors to the Social Security program because they were not allowed to live. So many in fact, that since Roe vs. Wade the death of Americans through abortion exceeds the population of Great Britain.

This chaos is pervasive and persistent. It’s called Communism.

This chaos is evident through the nefarious effect of United Nations socialist policies involving population control in African nations and in areas of the world that do not even meet a population growth that would ensure the continuation of their societies and cultures.

This chaos is evident in the crisis of the Middle East– and how China is standing by, watching the Middle East fall apart, in order to reap the benefits of a “sustainable development” region that they can control economically. In fact, this is already happening with China’s economic presence on the banks of the ancient Nile and sub-Saharan Africa– and throughout the Middle East region.

Frankly speaking, Communist China is everywhere– and it is relentless in its agenda to control energy sources, and in its determination to be a major “stakeholder” (a globalist term) in the internal facilities that make business activity possible, such as communication, transportation, and distribution networks, financial institutions and markets, and energy supply systems.

The bottom line is this: we are fighting a war on many different places– but the enemy fueling these wars is one: COMMUNISM.

As such, I am respectfully asking my readers to be extremely careful about being drawn into conspiracy theories, which only serve to confuse and isolate the individual from the clear objective: to combat Communism wherever it is– which today has metamorphosed dangerously into programs that exist right under our noses, on a local, state and federal level. It is the responsibility of every freedom-loving individual to learn to identify these dangerous Communist programs– through facts, NOT through conspiracy theories and theorists who will drain your precious time and create even more confusion.

If you allow yourselves to become part of conspiracy theories you will only help bring about the Leninist-Marxist dream of converging the right and the left. I see this already happening to an alarming degree when individuals who identify themselves as “conservatives” promote those who are Marxists, simply because they identify with one of the theorist’s “causes.”

Keep your eyes on the ball. Communism is humanity’s biggest enemy. Over 120 million lives have been lost at the hands of communist regimes in different parts of the world. By fighting against Communism, you will fight against Islamic extremism and totalitarian regimes who all receive support from the Communists at the United Nations.

Keep your eyes on the ball.

Marielena Montesino de Stuart
March 23, 2016

Someone has to say the truth…

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Speaking as a former political refugee…

Speaking as a former political refugee, the United Nations has failed in its structural integration of humanity as a dominant socialist utopia.

Most (if not all) of the refugee camps in Europe are relying on private organizations to rescue and keep refugees / migrants alive.

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

I came to this country as a political refugee from Cuba after suffering horrendous persecution under Castro’s Communist regime. Members of my family were imprisoned, tortured and executed. Growing up under the despotic military dictatorship of Fidel Castro led to my experience as a political refugee in the United States.

There is no way to compare the current situation of the refugee crisis overwhelming Europe with the Refugee child in Grande Synthe Refugee Camp in Francerefugee program that embraced my family and I in the United States. Even though it is well known that Cuban spies infiltrated the Cuban political refugee program at the time that my asylum took place (they still do!)– it is also evident that Cuban refugees were not attacking American citizens on our own soil in acts of violence representing the Castro regime.

Having said this, I’d like to address the truth about the ineptitude and farcical nature of the United Nations vis-à-vis the refugee / migrant crisis in Europe: it is patently clear that the United Nations has failed again. After all, most (if not all) of the refugee camps in Europe are relying on private organizations to rescue and keep refugees / migrants alive.

CLICK TO ENLARGE – “UN ‘broke and failing’ in face of ever-growing refugee crisis” – Screen caption from The Guardian – 6 September 2015

After so many treaties, proclamations, expressions of indignation and empty rhetoric– where is the United Nations when you need them? Why aren’t they creating safe zones overseen by their representatives wearing their little blue berets in the war-torn regions of the Middle East, so that refugees can remain in their homelands?  What’s happening with the obscene amount of taxpayer money that the United States gives annually to the United Nations? Why is it that the United Nations, as the most powerful socialist entity in the world, is incapable of creating safe zones for these refugees?

Is it that the UN member countries do not want to cooperate?

Is it that when it comes to human rights– the biggest chunk of the money is going to population control and the undermining of traditional marriage and family in places like Sub-Saharan Africa, which for the most part vehemently rejects this type of UN agenda?

What about all the international treaties that were supposed to kick into place during a catastrophic human crisis– such as the one Europe faces with the refugees / migrants?

The truth is that the United Nations has failed in its structural integration of humanity as a dominant socialist utopia. It is also true that ethnic identification, socioeconomic status, religious and political background are extremely difficult to assess at check points flooded with thousands of persons who may be carrying false documents– or none at all. But isn’t this what the United Nations was supposed to solve? After all, these socialists operate under the name “United Nations”!

It is a fact that European countries and the United States do not have in place a hierarchic system of geographical, statistical and demographic data that can address the current refugee / migrant crisis from the Middle East, in order to ensure the safety of the citizens of host countries.

In contrast to the scenario of the Middle Eastern refugees, I came to this country as a political refugee from Cuba as part of a cohesive group that shared a common identity. We were anti-communists who wanted to assimilate into American society as productive and peaceful citizens. This is not the case with the current refugees / migrants, among which are those who support Sharia Law and other customs that are incompatible with the Commandments of God and the Natural Law– which are the basis of Western Civilization.

Tragically, the Christians of the Middle East, whose values are based on the Commandments of God and the Natural Law, are being beheaded and exterminated while politicians in Washington DC and in the United Nations worry about those who believe in Sharia Law!

Yes, I’m sure that some (or many) of these refugees / migrants are Muslims fleeing Islamic extremism– but there is an undeniable fact: by identifying as Muslims they are directly or indirectly (depending on the degree of their fervor) supporting Islamic law, which is Sharia Law– as the framework within which public policies and some private aspects of life are regulated for those living in a legal system based on Islam. No degree of political correctness can hide this!

This leads to the following question: why is it that the United Nations has failed to convince its Muslim members / leaders that Sharia Law is incompatible with the UN’s socialist utopia?

My heart goes out to the little children who desperately need to be rescued– and are caught in the violence of the Middle East and other regions where Islamic extremism is prevailing. It is time to put pressure on inept political leaders so that truly innocent people can be saved during this crisis.

The only safe solution, both for authentic refugees and the citizens of countries under pressure to host them, is the creation of safe zones in the refugees’ countries of origin.  But this requires true leadership– not romantic political correctness.

It’s time to lift the fog… someone has to say the truth.

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Bristol volunteers run refugee camp in Northern France (ITV News Report, 21 December, 2015 at 8:25am) 

UN Agencies ‘broke and failing’ in face of ever-growing refugee crisis (The Guardian, by Harriet Grant, Sunday – 6 September 2015 at 17:00 EDT)

SYRIA CRISIS: UN Security Council ‘failing victims’ (BBC News, 12 March 2015)

United Nations 1951 Refugee Convention

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UNESCO fails to protect Palmyra as a World Heritage Site

Does UNESCO have a pro-Islamic agenda?  Let’s examine the events in Palmyra and the Roman Catholic Cathedral of Córdoba, Spain.

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

Palmyra, the Grande Colonnade. Photo by Jerzy Strzelecki - Wikipedia.
Palmyra, the Grande Colonnade


Who needs UNESCO? — which stands for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

The recent beheading of Khaled al-Asaad, a renowned antiquities scholar in Syria is yet another heartbreaking loss of an innocent life taken by ISIS. Khaled al-Asaad had devoted his life to the preservation of Palmyra, in Syria. His brutal execution, while trying to protect precious antiquities, was followed by the news of the destruction of this ancient archeological site, at the hands of ISIS jihadists.

What is also disturbing is that archeological locations like Palmyra, known as the ‘Venice of the Sands’– have been declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO– one of the many international organizations that are part of the United Nations. But where are the folks at UNESCO when you need them?

UNESCO is supposed to help operate and oversee the protection of its World Heritage Sites, pursuant to a document titled, Operational Guidelines for the Implementation of the World Heritage Convention. This document outlines all the steps required for the operational status and protection of these sites. But UNESCO,  like most socialist programs run by the United Nations, failed to protect Palmyra, one of its most treasured sites.  So much for its “World Heritage Convention.”

The Roman Catholic Cathedral of Córdoba

Roman Catholic Cathedral of Córdoba
Roman Catholic Cathedral of Córdoba

This brings me to another site, which is in danger of being turned into a “shared space” for Islamic prayer: the Cathedral of Córdoba, Spain. This treasure of Christianity is another World Heritage Site which is struggling to retain its Roman Catholic authenticity and sacred value.

The protection of the Roman Catholic heritage of this cathedral depends on the measures taken by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Córdoba — and not on UNESCO’s so-called “protection”– since UNESCO is more interested in the “world”– than it is in the authentic Roman Catholic identity of the cathedral.

In fact, in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List, the Cathedral of Córdoba is listed as the “Mosque of Córdoba.”  See item 22 under Spain (Historic Center of Córdoba) and in “Notes.”  This is because UNESCO refuses to acknowledge that the original site was a Roman Catholic Church which was desecrated and usurped by the Moors, and turned into a Mosque during their occupation of Spain.

Which brings us to the main question: does UNESCO have a pro-Islamic agenda? Hmm…

I am also including below an article about the history of the Cathedral of Córdoba, for the benefit of my readers.

Personally, I don’t see the purpose of  turning a nation’s historic site into a UNESCO “World Heritage” site– when UNESCO and the United Nations are unable to protect them with their “peacekeeping” forces– nor through any measures taken by the farcical United Nations Security Council– which currently includes non-permanent members such as Venezuela— and in the past even Cuba! There isn’t a rogue state in this world that the United Nations and its minions haven’t embraced.

While ISIS plowed through the Syrian desert– brutally murdering innocent people and destroying everything in sight, the UNESCO World Heritage Committee was holding a session in Bonn in July of this year, where they issued the following charming Bonn Declaration— which I’m sure ISIS jihadists are respectfully perusing! 

It is my opinion that UNESCO is speaking out of both sides of its mouth. On one hand it is issuing “declarations” condemning what ISIS is doing in the name of Islam— but on the other hand they are refusing to acknowledge the true Roman Catholic identity of the Cathedral of Córdoba, by calling it the “Mosque of Córdoba.”

There is an ancient Chinese proverb that says, “if we don’t change our direction, we’re likely to end up where we’re headed.” We are heading straight into hell, and without strong moral leadership in Washington not only will more innocent people die– but the world’s cultural patrimony will disappear along with Western Civilization— while politically correct / socialist entities like the United Nations UNESCO gather in their well-appointed boardrooms issuing declarations.

Khaled al-Asaad died alone, beheaded. His body was hung upside down from a column. He died in Palmyra protecting the antiquities that he loved– but where was UNESCO?

It’s time to lift the fog… someone has to say the truth.

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Please read my commentary  (published during Holy Week 2014) about the Roman Catholic Cathedral of Córdoba– and the danger it faces of becoming a “shared space” for Islamic prayer.

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