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IMMIGRATION MATTERS: Donald Trump wins overwhelming support from Latinos in Nevada Republican Entrance Polls

Donald Trump received the overwhelming support of the Republican Latino vote with a 44% win in the Entrance Polls of the Nevada Caucus– in spite of running against two candidates of Cuban background!

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

NOTE: Personally, I prefer the term “Latin American”— but I will use the terms “Latinos” and “Hispanics” in this brief commentary since they are used by the media and the U.S. government for political purposes.

Latino Entrance Polls in Republican Nevada Caucus


44% of Latinos spoke loud and clear in support of Donald Trump

Donald Trump swept the Latino support away from Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz in the Entrance Polls of the Republican Nevada Caucus. Rubio received 29% and Cruz only received 18% support from Latino Republicans. It is obvious that Trump has been able to convince Hispanics / Latinos  that they have a safer and brighter future with him. Trump’s impressive support among  Republican Latino voters in the Nevada Caucus shows that his immigration plan satisfies a very wide audience.

Donald Trump ended his jubilant speech tonight with the following words:

“We are going to make America great again– and it’s going to happen fast.”

Trump is reshaping the Republican Party by putting America first– an idea the GOP establishment abandoned long ago.


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It’s time to lift the fog… someone has to say the truth.

UPDATE 24 February, 2016: Final results of Nevada Republican Caucus:

Donald Trump  45.9%

Marco Rubio  23.9%

Ted Cruz  21.4%

Ben Carson 4.8%

John Kasich 3.6%



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IMMIGRATION: Christian refugees are excluded while dangerous criminals and their families are protected

Something is very wrong

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 1.49.22 PM
Little has changed in a year.

Little has changed since the following statement appeared on The Hill a year ago:

No matter how moved Americans were this Christmas season by the plight of their fellow Christ followers in Syria and Iraq, no matter how horrific the visuals of beheadings, enslavement, and mass murder, the Christians fleeing death do not engender the compassion of this president.” Abraham H. Miller, The Hill. [See link below].


Another Christmas season has ended–and the decimation of the Christian population in the Middle East continues.

We all know very well that most of the victims of #Islamic extremism are Moslems who refuse to cooperate with murderous groups like ISIS. The horrific suffering and death that takes place in these communities must be denounced– and I am one who expresses this through my writing; however, the palpable disregard for the plight of Christians is one of the most cruel examples in recent times of how duplicitous some governments are towards Christians. Hardly any Christians are included in the groups of refugees being accepted in the United States. The majority of the refugees are Moslems.

IMMIGRATION - Christian refugees are excluded while ddangerous criminals and their families are protected
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Adding insult to injury, drug lords and their money launderers are allowed to apply for CAT protection (the Convention Against Torture) once they cooperate while in custody of officials on U.S. soil. This protection can be extended to spouses and children of drug lords– who can stay in this country, at times indefinitely, claiming that if they are returned to their country of origin they would suffer torture. This means that we have extremely dangerous criminals bringing their families with them legally to the United States– and we are protecting them! These people are enjoying every aspect of freedom in America! I wonder how many Americans are aware of this CAT law (referenced below).

The United States is rapidly descending into a socialist abyss of corruption that needs to be stopped. Christianity is under attack on all fronts. Americans must wake up!

It’s time to lift the fog… someone has to say the truth.

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No Room in America for Christian Refugees” by Abraham H. Miller, The Hill, January 7, 2015 4:00pm.


Convention Against Torture


[Scroll down to read]:The Convention Against Torture and Acquiescence: Willful Blindness or Willful Acceptance?




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