REALITY vs. DREAM: The danger of doing business with Cuba

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

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I have been writing about the repugnant tourism trade with Cuba (under the control of the Castro Communist military dictatorship).  Many Americans have participated in Cuban tourism, both illegally and now “legally” under Obama’s new Cuba Policy. This includes participating in Cuba’s notorious sexual tourism.

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SCREEN CAPTION – Council of the Americas

Adding insult to injury, there are many American business owners (painfully, this includes some Cubans residing in the U.S. who fled Castro’s dictatorship decades ago!) who now want to benefit financially by doing business with the communists in Havana– while Cubans are arrested, tortured and imprisoned for peacefully denouncing their despotic oppressors. Click on screen caption of Council of the Americas to read a document titled, Open Letter to President Obama: Support for a New Course on Cuba. You’ll be amazed to see some of the Cuban-Americans as well as Republicans who signed it!

Fortunately, there are still voices of reason in the business community who have warned others about the perils of doing business with communists:

Source: What You Should Know About Doing Business With Cuba 9 February 2015, by Mike Periu – President, Proximo International, LLC, for American Express, Inc. OPEN Forum (global business leadership).

“At a glance, Cuba may seem like a lucrative opportunity for U.S. small businesses. But is it? Our expert reveals what you should know about the reality vs. dream of trade with Cuba.”

It’s time to lift the fog… someone has to say the truth.

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