By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

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We are living in a world run by socialists who care more about animals than innocent human babies. That’s right. Socialists aim to control society by putting the environment and animals before human beings. It’s called Sustainable Development.

For example, the Global Animal Partnership’s chart (shown above) has strict guidelines for animal welfare. I have no problem with these guidelines— but what is patently offensive is that so many Americans support these organizations– while they also support the brutal killing and dismemberment of human babies. This same element of clueless socialists (or clueless fellow travelers) supports the Islamization of entire towns in Spain– while they try to ban bullfighting.

Are you one of these clueless fellow travelers?

Some Americans appear to have a short attention span when it comes to news that is truly urgent and requires immediate law enforcement action– such as the dismemberment of babies at Planned Parenthood, and the sale of their body parts.

It is my hope that Americans who have a modicum of decency and humanity left in them will continue to put pressure on Washington, in order to stop this massacre of innocent and helpless human beings.

During the past few weeks we have seen how Planned Parenthood operates their death camp for babies through the undercover videos presented by the Center for Medical Progress. We are expecting more of these videos– even though California’s Attorney General is investigating the CMP– instead of going after the savages at Planned Parenthood.

Will you be able to sleep tonight knowing that we have our own ISIS-style massacre against innocent little babies right here in the United States of America?

Will you contact your legislators and the U.S. Attorney General and demand a stop to these brutal killings?

Will you put this urgent matter at the top of your list when you make your choice during this critical presidential election?

If you don’t– then don’t complain about your future. Without the defense of human life we are a society wandering aimlessly towards the gates of hell.

It’s time to lift the fog… someone has to say the truth.

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